NEW West Surfing 3mm Neoprene Booties Mens Youth 5 Womens 6 surf dive Msrp$45

$ 6.99 $ 45.00

BOOTIES: West 3mm Fluid-Seam Covered-Split-Toe Bootie.
Warmth, stable foot control, and comfort.
West 3mm Covered Split Toe Booties combine performance enhancing design and technologies including stable foot control to prevent rolling, cupped heal for foot support and S-Seal for increased warmth that will improve your surfing experience – from coral reefs to snow barrels all round the world. Split Toe inside to separate big toe, but outside covered to prevent catching or grabbing unwanted things like your leash.
BRAND: West Surfing Products. West has been a popular hard core surf brand in Australia for 30 years and now more recently has expanded to start offering products in the USA.
CONDITION: Brand new in retail box. Fully warrantied.
COLOR: Black.
SIZE: U.S. Mens 5/U.S. Womens 6.

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