New NXTZ DryTX Balaclava Madsteez ski snowboard neck gaiter facemask Ret$36

$ 5.99 $ 36.00

ACCESSORY: The NXTZ (pronounced 'Neck Steeze') Dry TX 1-Layer Balaclava. This carefully handcrafted 4 panel balaclava fits and works just splendid. We seriously thought about the way a balaclava should work and built this bad boy around that concept. Fit, form and function. Single layer Dry-Tx mesh forms to your head and face to keep the cold, sun and elements off your skin, so you can enjoy the outdoors longer! Breathable, moisture wicking and comfortable, what more do you want?
CONDITION: Brand new with tags direct from NXTZ's warehouse. Retail quality with Full Warranty.
COLOR: Madsteez.
SIZE: One Size Fits Most.
PRODUCT GROUP: The Core Line (more info).
* Inner lining of Dry-TX moisture wicking and breathable polyester micro-mesh fleece always stays soft, dry, and warm
* 4-panel design for the perfect fit
* Modernized shape
* NXTZ branded labels
* Progressive designs and artwork by Kris Markovich, Carson Grier, Sam Schryver, Julien Menager, and Scott Hultgren
* Made in the USA

NXTZ is a multi-faceted lifestyle brand that spans across action sports and action lifestyle. The brand NXTZ is a crusade. It is a collaboration of people, ideas, style and passion that is wrapped up and put into a product line that is not only easy on the eyes, but has function and reason. NXTZ is all about building upon a niche that stems from the snowboarding super culture. This culture is rich with creative people, interesting personalities, and a horizon with no limits. Having this as its foundation, NXTZ follows along the lines of borderless travel, morphing and re-directing itself to continually be at the forefront of this evolving entity. NXTZ is not a follower; it is a creator of what is to come.

NXTZ is worn by team riders:

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