New NXTZ Dry TX Bandana snowboard ski neck gaiter face mask Msrp$32

$ 4.00 $ 32.00

New NXTZ Dry TX Bandana snowboard ski neck gaiter face mask Msrp$32

ACCESSORY: The NXTZ (pronounced 'Neck Steeze') Dry TX Bandana. Bringing back a classic the NXTZ way. Premium lightweight Dry-TX fabric protects from the elements. The breathability and stretch make this the most comfortable bandana on the market. Why wear anything else?
CONDITION: Brand new in unopened retail packaging direct from NXTZ's warehouse. Retail quality with Full Warranty.
STYLE: Choose from Single Layer Bandana (lightweight and traditional tie closure) or Dual Layer Bandana (thicker and stretchier and with velcro closure).
COLOR: Choose from remaining available colorways using drop down menu above. Not all styles are available.
RETAIL PRICE: $22 for the Single Layer Tie Bandana and $32 for the Dual Layer Velcro Bandana.
SIZE: One Size Fits Most.
* Inner lining of Dry-TX moisture wicking and breathable polyester micro-mesh fleece always stays soft, dry, and warm
* Outer lining of Super Spandex polyester allows 4-way comfort stretch and keeps winter off your mug
* Modernized shape
* The Maze, Diamond, and Heather 2-layer bandanas are from the NXTZ Green Line and feature 100%25 recycled fabrics.
* NXTZ branded labels
* Progressive designs from NXTZ graphical design partners Kris Markovich, Carson Grier, Sam Schryver, Julien Menager, and Scott Hultgren
* Made in the USA

NXTZ is a multi-faceted lifestyle brand that spans across action sports and action lifestyle. The brand NXTZ is a crusade. It is a collaboration of people, ideas, style and passion that is wrapped up and put into a product line that is not only easy on the eyes, but has function and reason. NXTZ is all about building upon a niche that stems from the snowboarding super culture. This culture is rich with creative people, interesting personalities, and a horizon with no limits. Having this as its foundation, NXTZ follows along the lines of borderless travel, morphing and re-directing itself to continually be at the forefront of this evolving entity. NXTZ is not a follower; it is a creator of what is to come.

NXTZ is worn by team riders:

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