New Laird StandUp LX Race Carbon LXR Paddle Board Touring SUP 2017 Msrp$2900 FREE SHIPPING

$ 1,159.99 $ 2,800.00


    Laird Standup: 'I’ve been surfing waves of all sizes for close to half a century, experiencing some of the greatest thrills that the ocean can provide. However, it wasn't until I started StandUp paddling 17 years ago that I dropped my expectations, humbled myself, and in the process, renewed my excitement for surfing. By progressing through those years from beginner to expert, I have learned what a StandUp paddler of each level needs at various stages of experience. I channeled that information, and the knowledge of my Team, into the Laird StandUp line of boards, paddles and accessories. Whether it is surfing, touring, racing or yoga, we have the right board and paddle for you. Together, let’s continue to explore the unlimited future of StandUp!' -Laird Hamilton

    MODEL: NEW 2017 LX Race. Fast and stable, our premier Carbon Fiber Race board has all the technical touch you will ever need.
    The fifty-fifty nose design cuts through the water without digging or catching. The sleek bottom design channels
    the water smoothly through the board to the tail, where it is released efficiently.

    CONDITION: Brand New in wrapper with Full Warranty. Fins and hardware included.

    RETAIL PRICE: $2900.

    INTENDED USAGE: Paddleboard racing and touring.

    SHIPPING: Shipping is free.But delivery will be to a local station where you would need to pick up the board. We will arrange all those details with you and confirm everything prior to shipment.Boards come shrinkwrapped in protective coverings then shipped in a thick-walled cardboard box for safe delivery.