NEW Electric Eg.5 Bronze Polarized Spare Replacement Goggle Goggles Lens

$ 6.99 $ 25.00

Electric Spare Goggle Lens

GOGGLE ACCESSORY: Electric spare lens. Genuine retail quality replacement dual lens for all Electric models.
CONDITION: Brand new. Complete with full warranty.
MODEL: Eg.5.
Not sure what model goggle you have? View our model identification chart.
LENS COLOR: Bronze Polarized.
: Sunny conditions. View Electric's lens application chart.
LENS SWAP INSTRUCTIONS: Pull upwards on top of frame to separate frame from lens then continue around and remove the lens from the nose bridge of the frame last. Insert new lens in reverse order. Be careful to make sure the attachments points and the corners are matched up before securing lens into frame, then continue around the sides and secure the top last. This can be tedious the first time and becomes much easier subsequent lens changes.
For further assistance, view this how-to video.
To see how quickly lenses can be swapped out, view this Electric promo video.
* Injected Polycarbonate Dual Lens
* Directional Pressure Release Valve Between Dual Lenses
* Seamless Quick Change Lens Replacement
* Super Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Hard Coating
* Super A/R Coating Anti Reflective Technology
* Max Airflow Lens Ventilation
* 100%25 UVA/UVB Protection
* Wide Peripheral Vision
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